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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 16, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they have the ability to play well on the road. that is what the angels do if they win today, they will have gone 19 and 6 out of their last 25 games. sober seven runs a game in the last 25 games. coming in it is going to go up dramatically. plus when you factor in the 13 innings. then again the orioles it is not like they had a lot of opportunities. arredondo pitched well. you did get the last at bats and couldn't do anything. then finally their potent offense was ail to have that huge inning. here's the first out in the bottom of the 13th. third strikeout for bulger. here's the oriole pitching on the day. guthrie five and two-thirds.
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chris kraay one run and two innings. baez a score the. jim johnson good job two innings no runs. bass four earned runs. albers five earned runs. >> that will hurt his era. but again, i think anytime you have at least -- the least amount of starters, when you have the least amount of innings from your starters, hopefully that will change over the next six weeks with the young gaze coming up and getting their feet wet, you have the most out of your bullpen and it catches up with you. we have seen that to some degree. matt albers struggled early went to the minors came back, pitched welling. written bass from time to time
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over a long period of time has been very consistent. now you'll aof a sudden they are not making their pitches. >> albers has struggled. obviously if you are going to the mound and you are not getting anybody out you have to be thinking about it. >> people are saying well you are overthrowing the ball. it is hard not to overthrow it. it is a tendsy to try harder. talking to jeremy guthrie last night. such a fine line between being intense and having that intensity. and not being tense. gripping the ball. when things go poorly, you know, there is a tendency to grip the ball a little bit tight and try harder. i mean you admire the efforts. here's another strikeout.
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bulger comes in, he struggled last night. he comes in and saves him that is what he does. 33 saves. then again another breaking ball. >> again out of his hand, it putting difficult to see. he was up a little bit. we have seen hanging breaking balls all day long but not that one, brian roberts will get the next at bat here with two outs and none on in the 13th. he takes a strike. you know tomorrow is going to be an interesting game. because i think it's a lot easier when you play this type of tough ballgame, the orioles did come back from being down 6-2. got some big home runs. brain got a two homerun. you show up against the team that has the second best record in the marijuana league against
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a guy like santana who just pitched a three hitter you are going to show. >> that is what the orioles are looking for over the last six weeks, can they do this? because this battled this afternoon. you have to give the angels credit for putting a nine run 13th inning. >> if you are mike scioscia, you have a starter on the mound with a 6-2 lead and he couldn't get through the inning. the only reliever he used today was shane. >> you go back to the job that matt palmer did for them the orioles had pitched well until the 13th. tenuous innings along the way. they are were able to get out of trouble. it is a tough game to lose. i'll tell what you.
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to play 13 innings and have to come back even with a night game, that is always difficult. >> roberts. >> it is a lot easier to do when you put a w in the on column. >> the angels dinner will taste a little better tonight.   >> mike scioscia will feel a little better about things after watching his team give up a lead and then the blown save by his closer fuentes in the mining. in the end he'll still have the win, with one more out and trembley will feel the opposite. >> 3-2 on roberts. free fall on a breaking ball. oh so the orioles go down three up three down in the 13th on three consecutive strikeouts and the angels win it 17 runs on 23
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hits. join us again to tomorrow the finale of the four game series. david hernandez on the mound against snant. coverage begins at 6:30 with o's extra followed by the game at 7:00. now for jim palmer amber and our entire crew, jim saying so long from the park. now we head out to o's extra. tom davis and rick dempsey to recap the game. take it way, tom. >> >> tom: tom davis together with rick dempsey. the orioles tie not guilty game
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twice and lose it go in extra innings. 17-8 to the angels. how tough is it? >> this is the worst kind. the orioles were down four runs at the start of the ballgame. they come back and get close and they are down four runs again. they end up tying the ballgame late and coming back. they had their opportunity, they just couldn't get that run. they were within two feet when adam jones hit the ball down the left-hand lane another two feet and there game was over with
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then. they battled the angels. the double play situation. they came up big in the 11th and the 12th and the 13th inning they blew them out at that point right there. it is devastating because so many guys, it looks like they had bad days. but there were a lot of good days out there for the orioles too. one night after the next they scored 16-6 in the first game. now they lose this game here 17-8. it is heartbreaking to watch all this kind. i know it is tough days for everybody. but they have to be just demoralized back in that locker look right now. >> of course the orioles were down 4-0 in this game. they tied it at 6. they tied at
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8. nick markakis on a day that he is going to have a run and a walk over. the two run homer number 14 do right field to tie the game up at 6. >> nick markakis had another very good day again and he got the orioles back in track with that homerun right there his 14th of the year. the orioles battled. all of a sudden things got out of control again for jeremy guthrie he gives up that seventh run. another tough day for jeremy. >> orioles in the mining adam jones deep enough to score brian roberts with a double. game tied at 8. >> and here's the base hit that did it in for the orioles right now. bases loaded nobody out. hunter base hit up the middle.
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game of inches i mean just off the glove of brian bass and that is what really starts the down fall right therech the angels go on to score nine runs in the top of the 13th inning and that was more than the orioles could overcome. >> they actually scored more ones runs in the 13th than they did for the entire game. 23 base lights for the angels. bass takes the always. brian roberts a two run homer double and steal. figgins four for seven with three doubles three rbi and three lungs scored. the angels have won two out of
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the first and the series obviously will don't tomorrow night here at baltimore's camden yards. rick dempsey is faking this loss very hard as he would as a player i think at this point. when you look at it, how difficult of a game when you think back and recap it in your own mind is it to lose after you battle back and tie it twice? >> i was talking about it in the 13th inning it will be a lot
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more difficult for the orioles because they actually did come back. rick talked about the deficits you have down 4-0. brian roberts hits the homerun. then you get the nick markakis homerun to tie it up 6-6. at the end of the day, you had a guy you hoped sooner or later is go going to start pitching well. the orioles take advantage of the 
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♪ tell me who's watching. (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico.  hey, welcome back, check out the numbers on the game total pitches used, 456. this game lasted four hours and 28 minutes, 37 total base hits, 64 total bases, five angels with at least three or more
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hits. the orioles left eight. some impressive numbers, as they beat them. >> i think overall, not crazy yet, but i got really good stuff, especially after the 1st inning. but you know, i managed to get the game started. ended up with a walk and morales threw a pitch that i wanted to get him out on. the slighter was down -- slider was down and he wrapped around an it. good fastball inside and he turned on it. something how it has been. the pitches aren't executing. >> is it tough to be effective? do you ever think you're tipping your pitches? >> you work on everything, try to make sure you have the advantage of the pitcher. try to stay up on that. but since march, the way that people swing at me this year.
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definitely the results are -- people taking good swings and you know, you need to figure out a better way to get those hitters out. >> do you go to the mound with confidence? >> it's tough. confidence is built on success as well as the combination of work. right now, i have one of those elements, i have the work part and not the success part. i think a big indicator -- when my confidence is at my lowest point, you'll see me falling behind and walking guys. i'm not there, but not giving enough quality pitches to build the momentum of getting hittersous consistently and building the success. >> jeremy guthrie after the
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angels beat them. texas beat boston 4-3, david ortiz, a solo. tampa bay defeated toronto. gregg zaun, grand slam home run, rays an advantage. second home run in two at-bats. kansas beat the tigers. the oakland-white sox game is 2- in the 9th inning. the orioles lose to the angels. we'll be back on masn in just a moment. (announcer) what does greatness taste like? round of miller lite.


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